Deadlight Now Available on PC

by on October 25, 2012

DeadlightTequila Works debut title is now available for PC gamers to download via Steam, new launch trailer inside.

Having been an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive for a couple of months as part of the big M’s Summer of Arcade promotion, Deadlight is now available for PC gamers to download via Steam, for the knock down price of £8.49.

Upon it’s Xbox release back in the summer, our very own Colm Ahern rated the game fairly highly, saying;

” The majestic look of Deadlight and terrific comic book panel style are something that make this offering a little bit different. With solid gameplay and enjoyable challenges, Tequila Works have done a really good job in creating a decent puzzle platformer.”

You can read the full review, Here.

Deadlight follows the story of Randell, a man lost in a post apocalyptic world on the US Pacific Coast. Randell faces off against Zombies, a threat on their own and deadly in packs, you must try to split them up, while also negotiating the tricky environment.

Check out the new PC launch trailer, below.