The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 8

by on October 15, 2012

The-Godcast-Season-5-Episode-8This week, the dawn of a new era begins are start rotating the fourth chair of the Godcast crew, with genuine celebrity Colm Ahern (from Saint & Greensie) joining the fray.

So many games were released last week, but we’re going to try and stick to just a few, but keeping with the accidental theme so far of this season of the Godcast, the team talk about more downloadable games; specifically Naughty Bear 2: Panic in Paradise and the PlayStation Vita’s Tokyo Jungle.

But the Godcastcateers also chat about some huge new releases, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown (which Adam is growing alarmingly obsessed with), though¬†Borderlands 2 is still very much upon everyone’s lips, so there’s a fair smattering of talk about that too, as well as much, much more on this week’s show.. We’ve not forgotten about Dishonored though, nor Resident Evil 6, but we’ll be talking about those in weeks to come.

The weekly discussion this week is all about digital gaming versus disc-based gaming; does it even matter anymore, does size matter? Lee seems to think it does.

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