Best Buy Leak Existence of Wii Mini, Exclusive to Canada

by on November 27, 2012

Best-Buy-Canada-Leak_Existence-of-Wii-MiniPanic might well be breaking out at Nintendo HQ right now, as Best Buy Canada have seemingly put up a piece of advertising showing of a Wii Mini, coming December 7, 2012.

We imagine it’s hard enough coordinating a console launch, especially if you’ve another console coming later, that hasn’t yet been announced. The pre-order link goes here, which seems to be a Skylanders page, lending credence to it being a genuine error.

But it’s also going to be hard for Christmas shoppers this December. Can you imagine? “I want to buy the new Wii for my son, for Christmas”…but which Wii? We had some details yesterday, which we thought might require a pinch of salt, but it seems to be true after all!

Compact Nintendo Wii Console
Comes with Sensor Bar, Nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus with Jacket

Regardless, with this being out there now, we can expect official confirmation soon. It’s fairly standard these days though, and Sony released a smaller version of the PS1 and 2 when it was on its way out.

UPDATE: We’ve got some better images now, see below. It’s actually pretty fantastic looking, don’t you think? It has also been confirmed by Nintendo to be a Canadian exclusive, for $99.99. Thanks Eurogamer.

UPDATE #2: We’ve just gotten the official word back from Nintendo, quote below.

The system launches in Canada on December 7th with a suggested retail price of $99.99. No announcements have been made regarding other regions

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Nintendo’s Wii U is available now in North America and Canada, and will be released in Europe on November 30.