Kill Dragons, Eat Dragons, Ride Dragons! Skyrim “Dragonborn” DLC Announced!

by on November 5, 2012

More Skyrim DLC on the Way in the Dragonborn Add-on!Bethesda’s hugely successful and massively playable RPG epic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has already seen two slices of DLC in the form of the meaty Dawnguard and the homely Hearthfire, but now a third pack is on its way in the form of Dragonborn, continuing Bethesda’s penchant for solid DLC support.

Dragonborn sees your malleable hero setting off to do battle with a rogue Dragon Priest who “devours” the winged pests, and is all set to return to Skyrim and add to your already mounting troubles. And let’s face it, anyone who actually eats dragons probably isn’t the type of person you want running around the countryside. So, you’ll have to kill him. You will more than likely be presented with choices along the way, but the bottom line, we expect, is that you’ll have to kill him. With an axe or a sword or really big spiky ball on a stick.

But the chance to murder renegade dragon-scoffing undead priests and snatch a grab-bag of new loot isn’t all you’ll receive for downloading Dragonborn. You’ll also face off against a bunch of new enemies and, get this, be able to ride your own dragon. Finally, Bethesda have listened to our prayers and – more importantly – our mods, and given us actual ridable (is that a word?) dragons. Ooh-rah!

The Dragonborn DLC pack will be available to download from Xbox LIVE on December 4th. Quite surprisingly, there’s no news yet of a PlayStation 3 release. Ouchies.

Here’s the spanking new trailer, just for you.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3