Wii U Sells 40,000 Units Over UK Launch Weekend

by on December 3, 2012

Wii U Sells 40,000 Units Over UK Launch WeekendSome good news for Nintendo as it appears it’s UK Wii U launch was a success.

UK trade publication MCV reports this morning that in 48 hours, the Wii U has sold 40,000 units in the UK, with many retail outlets completely selling out. More units are expected in the New Year.

MCV suggest that more units could have been sold, should there have been more consoles available.

The auction scalpers are out in full force, as some sellers are trying to grab a fast buck by offering systems for way more than their value, with one unscrupulous seller selling them for £999.99!

Did you manage to obtain a Wii U console? Calvin braved the launch event in London last Thursday evening/Friday morning to obtain his!