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Bungie Launch Destiny Teaser Site

by on February 12, 2013

Destiny-Teaser-SiteBungie’s new teaser site features a week long countdown, hinting to a possible reveal on Monday 18 February.

As spotted on Gamespot the site, located at alphalupi.bungie.net, has users clicking on a series of diamonds to unlock cryptic clues and images.

Upon unlocking the day’s image the website will inform you that;

Your node will remain active for 5 minutes, but may be reactivated as necessary.
Distributed, synchronous effort required.

According to those already dedicating time to deciphering the teaser site, such as these chaps on Reddit, the more people that access the day’s puzzle the clearer the image becomes.

The site name, Alpha Lupi, refers to the brightest star in the southern constellation of Lupus. Lupus being a constellation of stars, with Lupus being Latin for Wolf.

We know that Bungie will be talking about Destiny at GDC so it makes sense that they will expose their new idea in a bombastic fashion in preparation for that chat.

The first glimpse of Destiny, by way of concept art, was an interesting one, and after 343’s stab at Halo 4 played things rather safe I’m extremely excited to see how the parents of Halo might choose to expand that style of game given the freedom to rebuild things from the ground up. Roll on Monday…