PlayStation 4 Announced at PlayStation Meeting 2013

by on February 20, 2013

After much speculation and rumour, it’s been confirmed. Sony are ushering in the next generation with PlayStation 4.

After starting the PlayStation Meeting with various flashy images and clips of titles from PlayStation past, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House came to the stage.

House claimed that the gamer is the “focal point” of Sony’s efforts and gave an outline of the company’s plans for the future by going through the many platforms at Sony Computer Entertainment’s disposal.

Andrew House then uttered the words; PlayStation 4. He said that “the demands for a new platform were clear”. 

In terms of specs, it’s packing an X86 processor, 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 unified system memory. Lead system architect Mark Cerny also said that the console will have a background processor that will allow downloadable games to be played, whilst downloading.

The share button on the controller was strongly touted and social interaction was really pushed. You will be able to browse your friends list and view what they are playing.

In terms of entertainment apps, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon were mentioned. Along with that, Facebook and Music Unlimited will also be present, among others.


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