PlayStation 5 getting shareable links via future system update

by on May 2, 2024

PlayStation has announced a new way to join or invite players on PlayStation 5, via a shareable link, coming soon via a system update.

Sabrina Meditz (Senior Director, Product Management, Platform Experience, Sony Interactive Entertainment) took to the official PlayStation blog to explain: “Today, we’re excited to share that in the coming months, we’ll introduce the ability for you to generate a shareable link on your PS5 console or on PlayStation App, and send it to other PS5 players through any messaging or social media platform”. Meditz continues, saying: “By opening the link, the recipient will be able to hop into your multiplayer session even if they aren’t already friends with you on PlayStation Network.”

PlayStation 5

What this means, ultimately, is that you can invite people via any social platform using the App or by scanning a QR code. Meditz explains that this “is designed to complement existing methods of joining a session from within a PS5 game and is consistent for any supported PS5 game”. Apparently some games might need updating to have it work, but Sony is saying that it will work with developers to help that happen.

There’s also a proper widget for session invites that’ll be added for Discord. The widget will dynamically refresh to show the session status, so you won’t accidentally try to join a full session, or one that’s expired and no longer actually happening.

As well as this, “in the coming months” the option to share your (or another player’s) PSN profile on messaging and social media apps is coming, via a link that will be generated from the PlayStation App. Meditz says that “These are just a few of the steps we’re taking to make it easier for you to connect with players online and jump into multiplayer sessions together.”

Oh and as usual, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for most PS5 multiplayer games, so bare that in mind.