New DLC Character and Map Skin for Guardians of Middle Earth

by on March 21, 2013

New DLC Character and Map Skin for Guardians of Middle EarthAnother new downloadable character is being prepared for release into the Guardians of Middle Earth – the Lord of the Rings Multiplayer online battle arena title, that is available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. There have been other DLC fighters made available, but none as large and imposing as Unglob.

Unglob is a giant Spider -similar to Shelob from the Lord of the Rings books – and the character in Guardians of Middle Earth is a very powerful striker. As well as simply adding a new character to play as – whose full bio and abilities you can see listed below – Monolith Productions are also adding a new Map Skin, that will transform your in-game environment into a three-lane map, based upon the dark and eerie location of Mirkwood – again, famous from the Tolkein books.

Unglob’s Bio:
Similar to the powerful spider Shelob, Unglob is a monstrous creature who broke away from other members of Ungoliant’s brood to inhabit Mirkwood. She’s on a path to become an immensely powerful spider, perhaps even more so than Shelob, and is fiercely aggressive by nature. Relying on brute strength and speed to take down foes, Unglob’s dependence on stealth is nonexistent.

Unglob’s Gameplay Abilities:

  • Stick: Damages, blinds and pulls enemies closer
  • Hunt: Increases own movement speed, clears controlling affect and is briefly invulnerable
  • Drain: Persistent area that slows and damages
  • Bite: Lifesteal, damages and stuns enemy

Unglob’s Class:
• Striker

See the Unglob trailer and artwork below:

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Guardians of Middle-Earth is out now on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network.