Let’s Play: Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel

by on March 26, 2013

Out today in the States, we’ve not seen a huge amount of Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel, which is a shame because fans of co-op might actually be interested in this one.

So Calvin and Colm decided to talk about the game whilst we watch the opening 20 minutes or so, including the tutorial. It’s worth noting, however, that the game has an option 1.5GB texture pack install, which we’ve not used for this video. But then, it doesn’t look too bad anyway!

So sit back and enjoy, as Calvin and Colm casually take the mickey out of me playing the game. Especially the mask customisation bit at the end, which I thought was rather fetching, and reminded me of the Nirvana / Grunge era of music, when we were all messed up and happy. Ahem, ladies and gentlemen…Army of TWO.

Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel is released today in North American and on Friday in the UK and Europe – for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.