Official Bethesda Merchandise Store Now Open

by on March 15, 2013

Bethesda V Interplay is Finally over as Fallout MMO is CannedVault 101 trainers. Skyrim landscape prints. Dragonborn statues. Yep, Bethesda have launched an official merchandise line. Joke knee arrows yet to be announced.

The store, located at store.bethsoft.com, features apparel, posters and knick knacks based on Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonored, and Doom.

The most expensive item on the store is this exclusive Dragonborn statue that will set you back a cool $300.

If you can’t quite stretch to that, this chibi Dragonborn statuette is only $15. Slightly more reasonable.

The selection is a little sparse right now, but apparently new lines will be announced over on Bethesda’s official blog.

It honestly surprises me that this is something new. With the strong worlds Bethesda have created you’d have thought they would have leveraged the official merchandise thing a long while ago.

Other companies have been doing this for a while, and some with a lot more creativity. Valve are a prime example, selling the likes of this Left 4 Dead Hunter Plush and this Headcrab hat.

Early days yet, mind, so there’s plenty of time for Bethesda to release a full set of Daedric armour. Hey, I know plenty of LARP-ers who would sell their everything for that sort of swag.