Pro Evolution Soccer Will Use Kojima’s FOX Engine from Now On

by on March 15, 2013

Pro-Evolution-Soccer-Will-Use-Kojima's-FOX-Engine-from-Now-OnAs promised, a big announcement regarding Konami’s popular football series came and it’s certainly a big one. In an interview with Edge, creative producer of Pro Evolution Soccer Kei Masuda, confirmed that all future PES games will be created using a modified version of KojiPro’s FOX engine.

This decision was made because of the impending next generation of consoles and the team’s wishes to not tweak the current engine for the new era. It’s also been said that this will improve the game across all platforms, on many levels.

What we’ve seem from the FOX engine so far, has been breathtaking. With FIFA leading the charge over the last number of years, it’s important for Pro Evolution Soccer to attempt a comeback and this new engine may help them do that.