First Transistor Gameplay Hits Web

by on March 25, 2013

Transistor1Gameplay footage of Supergiant Games’ next title Transistor has found its way online.

It comes from Youtube user TotalBiscuits, who has a series of gaming videos called The Cynical Brit.

Whilst playing the game TotalBiscuits also interviewed the game’s creative director Greg Kasavin, who described the game as Supergiant’s take on science fiction.

Despite the game being announced for release next year there is 17 minutes of gameplay footage.

It shows off a much different combat mechanic to Supergiant’s previous game Bastion, which won plaudits in 2011.

Many were worried after the release of Transistor’s announcement trailer that it would be too similar to Bastion due to the similar graphical styles and isometric view of the world.

You can watch the video below…