Beyond: Two Souls Will Contain 10 Hours of Gameplay

by on April 29, 2013

Even though many have their thoughts on David Cage, it looks like the majority enjoy his work. Or, at least the majority that give his work a go see it through to the end, as the famed director announced during a special Beyond: Two Souls event at the Tribeca Film Festival (where a prolonged scene from the game was also shown off).

Thanks to Gamespot, we’ve heard that Cage revealed that 75% of those that played Heavy Rain saw it through to the very end. Normally, the figure is much lower, as he pointed out that the number is normally closer to 20%.The reason for this? Cage says it all lies in the narrative and that’s what pushed the players to complete Quantic Dream’s last title.

It was also revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will contain ten hours of gameplay. Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit were in and around that time as well, maybe a little bit shorter. If Cage can hold the attention of the player for that length of time, then terrific. Just, no plot-holes this time, please.

Beyond: Two Souls will be released on October 8 for PlayStation 3

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