New Dead or Alive 5 Game in Development

by on April 30, 2013

At a recent Dead or Alive 5 tournament Team Ninja revealed, through the medium of teaser trailer, that it is developing a new Dead or Alive 5 game.

As reported by Polygon very little was revealed, aside from an appearance by Ninja Gaiden’s lady in red Momoji the trailer is as teaser-y as they come.

The title at the end reads ‘Dead or Alive 5: The Latest Work’, proving that Team Ninja really are saying nothing right now.

What smacks me as odd are the formats. Confirmed for release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but no hint of next gen. Team Ninja are normally fairly quick to board the new tech wagon, yet this trailer doesn’t even hint to them.

So what is it? Releasing an ‘improved’ Dead or Alive this soon seems far too early, but Team Ninja are fans of the ol’ spit and polish update.

The last official Dead or Alive 5 tournament will be held in July, so hopefully more info will be revealed then.

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