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None of EA’s Studios Currently Developing For Wii U

by on May 17, 2013

After EA determined the Wii U as a short-term platform, this news should come as no surprise.

Speaking with Kotaku, spokesperson Jeff Brown said the publisher had no games in development for Nintendo’s current hardware. Brown did make a point of saying that this could change in the future, though.

Kotaku notes that during Nintendo’s 2011 E3 conference, at-the-time chairman of EA John Riccitiello came to the stage and praised almost everything about the system. From its high definition graphics to its “new gameplay opportunities”. However in recent months, any big EA announcement such as Battlefield and FIFA haven’t been announced for Wii U.

Whilst the Wii U isn’t the publisher’s favourite console at the moment, Brown did say that EA is ready and waiting for the start of the next generation with Xbox and PlayStation.

Ouch. Just, ouch. Taking out Electronic Arts’ original IP such as Dead Space, Battlefield, Mass Effect and so on, losing sports titles would be a killer blow for The Big N. Without EA Sports titles on their platform, things look grim for the company.

You can never rule them out and today’s Nintend Direct might bring some bit of hype back, depending on what’s revealed at the presentation – but right now, it’s a difficult time to be excited for the console.

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