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Wii U Miiverse Update Expands Nintendo Social Network

by on May 30, 2013

You may have noticed that there has been an update for the Wii U – but what does it mean? As reported by Polygon, the May 29 download has added to the catalogue of features for the Miiverse – as Nintendo continue their push to provide a fully functional social network for their console.

The update allows Wii U gamers to post or remove text posts, as well as follow or unfollow other users. There are also more in-depth profile settings that allow you to select who can comment on your posts – much the same way as you would change the security settings on your Facebook account.

Miiverse is slowly taking shape and bringing more features on board. With PC and smartphone functionality already up and running, the next step is the 3DS version. More on this as we get it.