Wii U Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow

by on May 16, 2013

After the 3DS love fest of the last Nintendo Direct presentation, Wii U owners have been clamouring for something that showcases their dust gathering consoles. Hopefully, you’ll all have a reason to boot that system up after we hear tomorrow’s announcements.

The big N has just announced that they will be holding a special Wii U themed Nintendo Direct (which you’ll be able to watch, here) tomorrow, May 17. Airing at 3pm UK time, the show will look at releases coming to the console this Spring and Summer…eh, I would think we’re in Summer already, but I guess Mario and the lads run on a different calender.

Forgetting that, fingers crossed that Nintendo come out of the gate swinging, tomorrow. Autumn and Winter releases will be shown off at a Nintendo Direct closer to E3.

What do you want to see? New IPs, more classic franchises, or just a reason to turn on the box you’ve played ZombiU and Mario on? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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