BIT.TRIP FATE Now Available on PC

by on July 12, 2013

The fifth title in the BIT.TRIP saga, an on rails shooter titled ‘FATE’, is now available on PC.

The game may look like a side scrolling shooter but Commander Video’s path is completely tied to the rail passing through the stage, and he must shoot at everything around him.

The game was available previously on Wii Ware and via the BIT.TRIP Collection on Wii and 3DS, and it’s rather good. Perhaps the best of the series, depending on your opinion on Runner.

Speaking of Runner, the lovely Runner 2 came on on PC far before this game. Peculiar…

Oh well, the fact it’s launched today just means that the game ties in with the 2013 Steam Summer Sale, joy! As such the game is available for a mere $4.99 (£3.49) until July 22nd.

In Gaijin’s own words, ‘We don’t typically condone financial irresponsibility, but you should probably buy 1,000 copies and gift them to friends.’

We’re totally (not) going to do that.