UPDATE: Johnny Gat Will Return In Saints Row IV

by on July 17, 2013

Saints Row IV looks like it is going to be the biggest videogame release of the summer, managing to squeeze out onto store shelves before Grand Theft Auto V could. Early indications are that the game will be just as over-the-top and fun as previous installments, as illustrated in our preview of the game.

For longtime fans of the series, there is some good news to celebrate today however – after his surprising death – and subsequent Zombification – in Saints Row 3, your former right-hand man Johnny Gat will be making a return for Saints Row IV.

UPDATE: A new trailer featuring Johnny Gat has also now been released, check it out at the end of the article.

See the Tweet below, from the official Saints Row IV Twitter feed:

Quite how Volition will justify his return from beyond the grave will be interesting to see – but being a Saints Row game, you shouldn’t expect the solution to be entirely plausible. Anything can and will happen in these games, and that is exactly what allows them to be so much fun.