Meet The Travellers In New Pikmin 3 Trailer

by on July 15, 2013

With less than two weeks to go until its retail release, Nintendo are gearing up for their first Wii U game release in quite some time. And this has given us quite a few opportunities to get a look at the titular Pikmin characters from Pikmin 3 in action.

Now, VG24/7 have found another new trailer for the game, where we get to meet the space travellers who will be controlled by the player in the game, as they look to escape from the strange planet – PNF-404. The three characters are;┬áCaptain Charlie, Alp and Brittany – so there is still no mention of regular series protagonist Olimar.

So this confirms that Captain Olimar – the traditional series protagonist – will not be playable in the new game. Miyamoto did reveal that he will feature in the storyline in some respect, and that he will be playable in multiplayer modes, but with the recent announcement of Olimar for the upcoming new Super Smash Bros. game, it would not be surprising if he makes a bigger appearance than expected.

See the new trailer below: