New Splinter Cell Trailer Details Three Styles of Play

by on July 24, 2013

Splinter Cell Blacklist will let players choose between a Ghost, Panther and Assault style when they enter a level, affecting how they tackle the mission at hand.

The ghost play-style seems to hark back to classic Splinter Cell, focusing on non-lethal play. Sam has access to gadgets, and can use his trademark acrobatics to move around the environment in a silent, sneaky fashion.

Assault ditches the sneaking and goes for an all-out action-fest, as we saw when Blacklist was first unveiled. This mode is all bullets and explosions.

Panther is more similar to Conviction. Referred to as Lethal Stealth it’s less about the toys and more about eliminating foes quickly and quietly with your trusty silenced pistol.

If the game manages to offer a similar, entertaining experience for each of these distinct playstyles then Blacklist could certainly be a winner. I like to envisage myself more as a ghost sort, but knowing that I can drop the cover and just blow everyone away when I get bored of the sneaking does appeal…

I mean, I was already sold after they confirmed Spies vs. Mercs was making a return, but this just makes the package even more interesting.

Check out the trailer below and then wait. Splinter Cell Blacklist is hitting Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U later this year.