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Cliff Bleszinski Teases Next Project

by on August 1, 2013

The man behind Jazz Jackrabbit and the Gears of War franchise Cliff Bleszinski, left Epic Games back in October of 2012 and has remained quiet on any potential, future projects. Until now.

Earlier today, the outspoken designer took to Twitter to show off an image of something he’d been working on, as of late:

The “sneak peek” shows what appears to be a gun-wielding soldier patrolling a river bank and some form of gun-mounted boat in the water. Bleszinski later said that the artist behind the image was Shaddy Safadi – who worked on The Last of Us as a concept artist.

At this early stage, Bleszinski hasn’t given any details on what this picture is all about, but as soon as he does, we’ll be sure to let you know.