What Is Fable Legends?

by on August 19, 2013

With gamescom happening this week in Germany, we’re expecting a couple of surprise announcements and a news story from VG247 suggests that Microsoft may well be announcing something soon.

Microsoft have registered two domains – www.fablelegends.com and www.fablelegends.net, undoubtedly for some thing Fable-related – But the question is, what are they for?

We already know Fable Anniversary: a remake of the original Fable, is coming to Xbox 360 later this year. It’s entirely possible that these domains could be some sort of marketing for that.

Alternatively, Fable Legends could be a new game in the Fable series – It certainly sounds like it could be some sort of spinoff, ala 2012’s Fable Heroes on XBLA. It may even be a sequel to that, or to the Kinect’s Fable: The Journey – We just don’t know yet! The last main game in the Fable series was Fable 3, released in 2010.

Fingers crossed that we get some new this week at gamescom.