The Last Of Us Multiplayer Is Censored In PAL Regions

by on August 5, 2013

The Last Of Us was one of the most hotly-anticipated games of the year – coming from te hit factory that is Naughty Dog (developers of the wildly successful Uncharted series). The game didn’t disappoint when it was released, scoring tens across the board – including our own review – and proving that the summer release window has potential in the videogame market.

But over the last few weeks, some ardent multiplayer fans have been noticing slight differences between the North American version of the game and the PAL one, and Naughty Dog have moved to clarify the situation on their official forums, as VG24/7 reported.

Due to the more stringent censorship laws in PAL territories such as Germany and Australia, the multiplayer element in PAL copies of the game has had much of the gore toned down, and dismemberment removed entirely. Some players have asked why this is still enforced in the UK and other such more liberal countries – but the problem is that most PAL countries play multiplayer together as a joint community, and therefore the settings are the same across the board.

Gore hounds won’t be happy with this news, and the fact that Naughty Dog have confirmed that this issue cannot be altered. But do we really need dismemberment in the multiplayer mode anyway?

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