Smoke Clears At Pokemon World Championships

by on August 14, 2013

The 10th Anniversary 2013 Pokemon World Championships are done and dusted, with particpants from some 25 countries having made the pilgrimage to Vancouver, Canada for a shot at Trading Card Game and/or videogame Pokemon Immortality.

The culmination of a years’ qualifiers, during which aspiring Pokemon Trainers were put through a series of rigorous tests (probably), the Championship saw fierce competition, the talent and sheer Poke-balls on display perfectly illustrating the intensity of battling pocket monsters.

Who emerged victorious?

The 2013 Pokémon TCG and Video Game World Champions are:
2013 Pokémon TCG Junior Division World Champion, Ondrej Kujal from Czech Republic.
2013 Pokémon Video Game Junior Division World Champion, Brendan Zheng from United States.
2013 Pokémon TCG Senior Division World Champion, Kaiwen Cabbabe from Australia.
2013 Pokémon Video Game Senior Division World Champion, Hayden McTavish from United States.
2013 Pokémon TCG Masters Division World Champion, Jason Klaczynski from United States.
2013 Pokémon Video Game Masters Division World Champion, Arash Ommati from Italy.

We tip our hats to these proud individuals, who walked away with a prestigious Pikachu Trophy, an invitation to next years throwdown in Washington, DC, and “scholarship money”, presumably for attending Professor Oak’s school.

At the conclusion to the event, fans in attendance were treated to a special video highlighting the Mega Evolutions that we told you about last week with footage of the Mega Evolution of Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario, Mega Blaziken, and the newly announced Mega-Evolved Pokémon: Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol, and Mega Mawile.