More Sonic: Lost World Gameplay Footage Revealed

by on August 6, 2013

Since it was first announced, SEGA have been slowly revealing more and more information about their latest addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog saga – Sonic: Lost World. We have seen videos in the past, giving us a look at the new powers at his disposal, but the latest new gameplay video shows us footage from a variety of the new levels.

Of course, we do get to see the new flying Eagle power in action, but the video also lets us see some of the enemies that will feature in the game – many of whom are quite recognisable to longtime fans of the series – including some of the Badnik robots such as Cluckers the Chicken.

The game certainly seems to maintain the fast style that we associate with Sonic titles, and although the game is played from a different perspective than the classic games, Lost World is already looking like a good new take on the series, whilst maintaining many elements of the originals.

See the new footage below:

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