Major Nelson Answers Fan Questions About Xbox One

by on September 23, 2013

Walking PR crib sheet Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has fielded Reddit-user questions regarding Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

In the interview summarised here and conducted in Boston by user TheSmacK, he answers queries about the next gen machine’s memory, SKU and other features.

He was deliberately vague in answering questions about using media files on the console and the recently announced headset, but offered some insight into other topics.

When asked about digital game codes at retail he said: “Not at launch, but this is obviously something being looked at. This is already done on the Xbox 360 currently. MSRP will be the same on pricing for digital at launch.”

Regarding whether Internet Explorer on the console will support flash he said: “HTML5 will be supported for sure. The browser experience will be similar to the Modern OS experience on Windows 8.

“This could mean basic Flash functionality, but the functionality of most sites is moving to HTML5 so Flash probably won’t be much of an issue on the most popular sites people would want to use.”

He was also asked to sell the console directly, with one user asking simply why they should purchase an Xbox One.

“It’s the device for everyone,” said Hryb. “It has the features to please the hardcore gamer and even media fans. No features were created at another’s expense.

“It’s as much about games as the Xbox 360 and has the added abilities that make it the best in TV, Movies, and Sports.”