Xbox One February System Update Detailed

by on February 6, 2015

Here’s a brief overview of what’s coming in the Xbox One February System Update that focusses on controller improvements, party chat, the tile interface, and TV features.

Controller – The controller connects faster and will now take approximately 2 seconds. It also addresses bug fixes and stability issues reported by users.

Game Hubs – Games now have a similar hub as users have profiles. These hubs show you which friends is playing said game, popular broadcasts, easy access to DLC, and leaderboards for the game with achievements. Developers have access to customise the hub with highlighting and posting community content and more.

Interface Tiles – Tiles in the main view can now be transparent similar to Windows Phone showing you more of the background behind the tiles.

Party Chat – Chat connection status, Party invitation details and more are addressed here.

TV Features – Xbox One now works with more devices thanks to an updated IR blaster database. The UK and a few other countries get live streaming on Windows Phone and Android for Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners. Live TV trending has been added to France, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico.

A detailed rundown of the update is available here.