Nintendo Announce Wii Sports Club And 31 Day Wii U Fit Trial

by on September 18, 2013

Nintendo have announced a new model for their Wii Sports franchise coming to Wii U later this year.

Wii Sports Club brings HD versions of the original Wii Sports’ mini-games to the console as individual downloads and also introduces online multiplayer for the first time.

From November 7th you will be able to download Wii Sports Club for free and receive a 24-hour pass which will allow you to play any of the mini-games release at that point.

Tennis and Bowling will be available first, with golf, baseball and boxing coming in the months to follow. After that 24-hour trial players can either purchase the sports individually for £8.99 and keep them forever or purchase a Day Pass to all the available sports for £1.79.

Nintendo have also announced a free 31-day trial of Wii U Fit available from November 1st.

Time restrictions on the trial, which requires a Wii Balance Board of course, can be unlocked by purchasing Nintendo’s Fit Meter accelerometer device from the same day.

The device counts steps, measures calories burnt and can also measure the intensity of your run or walk by measuring temperature, time and altitude from the starting point.

Wii Fit U will be available in disc form December 6th in two packages, one with the game, Fit Meter and balance board, and one without the balance board.

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