Pokémon Direct to Broadcast Tomorrow

by on September 3, 2013

Nintendo have announced that a Pokémon Direct will broadcast tomorrow, September 4th, at 12pm BST (that’s the UK), 4am PDT and 7am EDT.

What will the direct cover? Pokémon X and Y. That’s all we know! With the game due on October 12th, it’s not long until these games are released and, really, we don’t know a lot.

What do we expect to see? Pokémon, and lots of them. More Mega Pokémon, perhaps, and we might get a little splash of story. Perhaps a look at online or StreetPass features. There’s really no knowing what will be shown…

You can watch the British broadcast on Nintendo’s website by clicking here.

What will be interesting is how prominent the recently revealed 2DS is in the broadcast. While the advertising on the main site doesn’t mention it, Nintendo’s Facebook image gives it a mention. While I know the 2DS isn’t a replacement, it’s interesting to see it creeping into public conciousness.