Wii Sports Club Is Here!

by on November 7, 2013

Is there a person here that hasn’t played the original Wii Sports? It’s always been that disc you bunged into your Wii to show non-gamers what the fuss was all about.

Well it’s back.

Wii Sports Club is a collection of remastered Wii Sports events that can be purchased separately (for £8.99 per event), or rented through a purchasable Day Pass (£1.79 per event).

Tennis and Bowling are the first events to be released in this fashion, with the remaining events (Boxing, Golf and Baseball) are to be released in the coming months. Each event will feature online multiplayer, with each player representing their country in a club-based ranking system.

For those who won’t want to shell out on mini-games that were originally console pack-in games, you can download each event and play for free for 24 hours. After then, you’ll have to purchase the game or buy a Day Pass.

Tennis legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have been drafted in by Nintendo to promote the game in some new adverts:

The Wii Sports Club: Tennis & Bowling events are out now.