February PS+ Games Leaked

by on January 13, 2014

The titles that will supposedly be added to the Instant Game Collection next month have been leaked and one has since been confirmed. The original leak from Game Points Now suggested that on PS4 Outlast will be made available to subscribers along with Bioshock Infinite and Metro: Last Light on the PS3 and that Vita owners will gain access to Modnation Racers: Road Trip as well as Dynasty Warriors: Next. After the leak it was confirmed that Outlast will indeed be the free game for PS4 owners next month.

There is currently no word on the titles that will be leaving the Instant Game Collection or when these new titles will be added, but expect confirmation on both of these relatively soon. It is worth noting that Bioshock Infinite is due to enter the US PS+ tomorrow, however the title is yet to be confirmed for Europe, which has lead to some confusion.

If these titles are indeed the ones that are being added to the PS+ service then it looks like one of the best months the service has ever seen. Bioshock Infinite came in at number 3 on our Game Of The Year list last year and in my opinion Metro: Last Light was criminally overlooked as a potential nominee.

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