R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse For PC & Mac Announced

by on January 8, 2014

With the world’s biggest tech expo, CES, currently taking place in Las Vegas, there’s been a lot of new gadgets, accessories and peripherals coming from all the main manufacturers.

Among the gigantic TVs, wearable gadgets and latest smartphones, popular manufacturer of third party peripherals and controllers, Mad Catz have just announced the latest version of their popular R.A.T. gaming mouse.

Called the R.A.T. TE (short for Tournament Edition), this PC & Mac mouse features a whopping 8200 DPI tracking laser, reduced weight, programmable function buttons, height calibration, dynamic surface calibration, and all the good stuff you come to expect from a pro-grade gaming mouse.

It’s due out in early 2014, but no price has been announced yet. In the meantime, check out these pretty pictures:

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