Starcraft II 2.1 Patch Adds Blizzard Arcade And More

by on January 23, 2014

Three and a half years after Starcraft II’s initial release, Blizzard are still working on improvements to the game, and the latest 2.1 update sounds like an essential download for anyone who owns the game.

The biggest addition, is that of something called Blizzard Arcade, which offers a selection of user created mods and levels, not all of them sticking to the real time strategy template.

The update also adds improvements to Clans and Groups, awards for levelling and XP bonuses, the addition of the original Starcraft soundtrack, Extension Mods that allow you to apply modified parameters to any map without having to recreate them, and the ability to create mods using the Warcraft III Orc Heroes.

Of course, if you want more information, Blizzard have provided the following videos.

Starcraft II Patch 2.1 is available now, free to all those who own the game.