Konami Launches Chain of Souls

by on March 21, 2014

Mobile games, we all play them; every developer under the sun seems to be making one and almost all of them have some unique feature. Chain of Souls is a brand new mobile game from Konami and it’s a chain based iOS puzzler. I have no idea what that is either.

Fortunately Konami did quite a good job of describing it in the official marketing jargon.

“Chain of Souls is a clever and addictive puzzle game wherein users must link three or more same-coloured runes against a number of CPU-controlled opponents. These opponents take the form of humans, Gods or Demons, and must be defeated by completely emptying their HP bars. The larger the chain of linked runes, the more damage the player can inflict on their opponent, and Chain of Souls also incorporates a unique card-based element, as players unleash attacks of three or more chains to activate one of many ‘skill’ cards the game offers. These are activated when summoning allies within the game and when runes matching the colour of a Skill card are cleared.”

Unsurprisingly the game is free to play but features micro-transactions. Apparently Chain of Souls is available now but when I looked on the app store I couldn’t find it, hopefully it will appear soon.