PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Patch Details Revealed

by on April 3, 2014

When gamers were given the disappointing news that no new downloadable characters or environments would be coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale by SCE Santa Monica last August, they were at least promised one last big patch, which would deliver new balancing fixes, along with some free costumes.

So now, we arearound eight months further down the line and the patch that was supposedly launching in late Autumn 2013 is still yet to appear. Praise be to the official U.S. PlayStation blog then, as @Just_Tank from Sony Santa Monica has revealed a list which shows just some of the ways in which the patch will change the balancing in the game.

The following changes will be implemented in the new patch:

  1. Every character’s throw attempts have been standardized to 9 startup frames, 3 active frames, and 18 recovery frames, with the exception of Isaac, Kat, and Ratchet.
  2. The minimum effective range of throws has been increased to 1 meter (previously 0.75m) for all characters except Parappa, Sackboy, and Toro.
  3. In online matches, jumping out of an opponent’s throw attempt is now resolved through the throw clash system.
  4. Every character’s air dodge has been standardized to 27 invincible frames followed by 9 vulnerable frames (previously 29 invincible plus 7 vulnerable).
  5. Every character’s directional rolls have been standardized to 18 invincible frames followed by 16 vulnerable frames, with the exception of Fat Princess, Spike, and Zeus.
  6. Characters can no longer perform actions for 3 frames after landing from air idle.
  7. Characters can no longer double jump during down tech.
  8. Landing during down tech or down tech canceled into air dodge now triggers the same recovery as landing during an attack.
  9. Getting hit in the air no longer renews a character’s double jump ability.

Fans who have stuck with the game will no doubt be happy that the game IS still being supported to some extent, but probably a little annoyed too, that a release date for the patch has still not been confirmed. At least they might hope that it will be coming soon, as any news is generally good news – especially after eight months of silence.