Tomodachi Life Preview – Postcards From Pomerania

by on May 2, 2014

It’s been a couple of weeks since I made my decision to leave the monotony of my everyday life, to set up a new home on the secluded isle of Pomerania. Being a daunting prospect to face alone, this decision was made a little easier thanks to several members of the GodisaGeek staff, offering to join me in this new life.

These are excerpts from the journals I have written since my arrival in this strange hideaway from normal society.

Tomodachi Life - Tales From Pomerania

From left to right: Lee, Colm, Adam, Calvin

Day 1

Tomodachi Life - Tales From PomeraniaMy initial day on the isle of Pomerania has been unusual to say the least. My colleagues struggle to adapt to life away from the daily grind, but it’s Adam I’m worried about the most, and his reluctance to socialise with the other islanders. Spending most of the time in seclusion on the beach or in the Observation Tower, he appears to be taking a while to adjust.

Other colleagues are finding their own ways to live their new lives. Mick, for example, has taken to reading every single book on the island, in his pyjamas. Calvin has shown appreciation for his new living arrangements, by rolling on the floor.

Day 4

Tomodachi Life - Tales From PomeraniaColm has developed an unhealthy obsession with Danish pastries, and I fear it’s starting to bring surreal hallucinations in his sleep, mainly regarding the relationship status between other food items.

Otherwise, today has been a far more normal day for the islanders, even if their constant demands have a been, well, a little demanding. All they seem to want are new hats, casual clothing and complete room makeovers.

Day 7

Tomodachi Life - Tales From PomeraniaHearing of how great life is on Pomerania, others are beginning to arrive on our shores. Mario, Princess Peach, Samus, and Princess Daisy are some of our new inhabitants. Each inhabitant of Pomerania must donate some money every day, as a sort of tax. It’s the only way I can afford all the things they keep asking for.

My doppelganger has taken to cooking for the others, although it’s beginning to sound like he’s been following the recipes of Walter White rather than a Nigella Lawson cookbook. Actually, maybe it could be the latter. In any case, it keeps him happy, and he has been known to give me presents when his mood gets considerably better.

Day 9

Tomodachi Life - Tales From PomeraniaTempers are beginning to heat up, as Calvin and Mario are having a slight disagreement. It’s getting very nasty, and I’m worried that it’s going to start some sort of civil unrest on this tiny land.

I guess we’re just going to have to see why Calvin’s rage is so strong in this magical world.

Day 10

Tomodachi Life - Postcards From PomeraniaMy fears of unrest between my fellow Pomeranians (yes, that is our official term) are beginning to come true. Maybe it’s because there’s a shortage of casual hats and foreign food that they keep demanding, but they’re starting to argue.

On the plus side, they’ve formed some sort of democracy, although I feel that the GodisaGeek team’s influence is having some sort of effect on the issues raised in our makeshift parliament.

Day 11

Tomodachi Life - Postcards From PomeraniaCalvin has been arrested.

Putting excessive amounts of mustard in peoples’ food seems like a minor thing to arrest someone for, but that’s just the way the law goes here. It starts with condiment-based assault, and the next thing you know, we’re up to our eyes in thieves and arsonists. Probably.

Still, he was released and allowed to go back home. Mainly because we don’t have a prison.

Day 14

Things are moving along quite nicely for Pomerania’s only television station. Granted, it seems to only run one or two news programs a day, but it’s not like we enforce TV Licenses around here, so money is tight.

Colm seems to be going up in the world though, although his talk show is going to be pretty short lived with the pool of guests being the exact same as his viewership.

Tomodachi Life - Postcards From Pomerania

My first fortnight here has been anything but normal. Friendships are being made, while love appears to be on the cards for some. Islanders are passing the same by interacting with each other, and sometimes engaging in some simple mini-games.

It’s a simple life, but that’s the Tomodachi Life for you – I’m sure you’ll hear more from me soon!