Alienware’s Alpha Console Launches in November

by on August 12, 2014

Alienware has announced that the Alpha Console will be available in November and prices will start at £429.

The Alienware Alpha Console is a PC designed for use within the living room and will merge the flexibility of the PC ecosystem with the ease of use of consoles. Included with every Alienware Alpha Console is an Xbox 360 controller so users never have to worry about using a keyboard and mouse with the system, it will also be compatible with many other PC game controllers.

Games for the system will come via way of Steam, all Steam games should theoretically be playable on the machine, but many require a keyboard and mouse. Steam’s Big Picture Mode will be used on the machine to make navigation incredibly easy.

The basic configuration for the device is made up of a Dual-Core i3 processor, 4GBs of RAM and 500GBs of storage. This will set you back £429. The highest configuration for the Alienware Alpha Console is made up of an Intel Quad-Core i7 processor, 8GBs of RAM, 2TB of storage, blazing 802.11 AC wireless adapter, and NVIDIA’s Maxwell-based GPU.

Frank Azor, Alienware’s General Manager had this to say about the device.

“The Alienware Alpha is purpose-built for living room gaming, and represents a new direction for a truly open console platform,”

“With the Alpha, Alienware has made playing fun, new games with your friends in the living room not only simple, but affordable. With the exclusive Alpha-UI, gamers will be able to navigate all of Alpha’s core features with only a gamepad, without ever needing a keyboard and mouse.”

The device certainly looks like a nifty bit of kit and should give a lot of people a chance to try out some of the excellent PC exclusives they may not otherwise have access to. Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments below.