Dell showcase new gaming innovations at CES 2020

by on January 7, 2020

As part of CES 2020, Dell has announced a wide range of new gaming innovations, with improvements to some software as well as new PC hardware designs. There were two key announcements, one surrounding improvement to current products, and the second focusing more on what the future has in store.

The first announcement centred on the Dell G5 15 SE (Special Edition) which has been “re-designed and re-invented, this laptop will feature 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ 4000 H-Series Mobile Processors as well as two new AMD chips.” In terms of an EMEA release, currently, it is only planned for the UK, and pricing is still to be confirmed.

Dell CES 2020

In addition, Dell and Alienware have also been collaborating on a piece of concept software known as Alienware Second Screen. This allows gamers to monitor their PC’s performance and statistics from their phones. It is designed to work in tandem with Alienware Command Center.

Check out the image below to see how it could work in practice:

Dell CES 2020

For more information on the announcement in full, you can check out the official blog post here.

Dell’s second announcement focussed more on their visions for the future of PC gaming. They have three different concept ideas for the future. Check out the official blurb below for more details on all three:

Concept UFO

  • Featuring an 8” screen with 1900×1200 resolution. It includes detachable controllers, so you can game in a range of modes: as one unit, with controllers attached to the screen
  • Separating the controllers and using the kickstand on a surface to game or stream your favourite show (for example, a table, or a tray on an airplane or train)
  • Connect it to an external display and play using the detached controller, or use a mouse and keyboard as you would any other PC

Concept Duet

  • Dual screen device with two stunning 13.4-inch displays that adapt to the way you work and play
  • Concept Duet allows you to take a pen and touch-enabled second screen experience with you wherever you are
  • Innovative features have been incorporated to create intuitive interactions with the device and enhance the user experience

Concept Ori

  • Foldable device which gives you a familiar-sized, 13” screen that folds into something you can easily carry around
  • It offers similar experiences and benefits to dual screens, but with the added advantage of no seams
  • The “seamless” experience is perfect for reading articles in vertical mode and scrolling down the page, watching movies and more

For more information on these new ideas, including some concept art to go with them, click the official blog post here.