Silent Hills Announced, Kojima Involved

by on August 13, 2014

Konami snuck a little demo up on American PSN tonight simply called P.T, which is actually a playable preview of a new Silent Hill game, titled Silent Hills.

Completion of the taster was reported by Neogaf, revealing that P.T in fact stands for Playable Teaser and that it was an introduction to a joint project between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

Norman Reedus will also be lending his likeness and acting chops to the lead role, though I doubt there will be any crossbows.

This marks the second time Kojima’s production arm is involving in a Konami franchise that isn’t Metal Gear Solid. Kojima’s name was also attached to Lords of Shadow, a somewhat drastic re-imagining of Castlevania. Silent Hills doesn’t seem like such a dramatic departure.

It’s also worth noting that Guillermo Del Toro, a chap more often behind a film camera, was also involved in another horror game titled Insane, though that was seemingly lost in the THQ scuffle. Was Silent Hills on the man’s plate before then, or has Insane effectively been reborn as Silent Hills?

More questions than answers, then, but it was surely a novel way to do a game announcement. Bring on the twiddly guitars and radio static.

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