Europa Universalis IV Art Of War Update Available Now

by on November 4, 2014

Paradox Interactive released the latest update for their critically acclaimed PC Real Time Strategy title Europa Universalis IV over the weekend. Titled “Art of War”, its being touted as the biggest update to a Europa Universalis game EVER, apparently.

A new, bigger map adds the sort of historical details only afforded to European locations until now, with India, Africa and China all making an appearance and having an impact on the play. This brings with it 900 new provinces, and over 100 new national tags.

Their have been changes to the way the game deals with religious reformations, so look out for that. Oh, and the way the engine deals with ‘local  issues’ has been changed, thanks to the new unrest system, which lets revolters gradually build support for armed uprising depending on their strength throughout the nation. Just keeping one or two provinces suppressed might not be enough.

Its a big update, then, and its available from the Steam store now.