StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced

by on November 8, 2014

Blizzard have revealed the final chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy, the Protoss focused StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

This standalone expansion will include another huge campaign, picking up from where Heart of the Swarm left off, as well as adding new units to StarCraft II multiplayer alongside new modes of play.

“Legacy of the Void will deliver the quintessential StarCraft II experience,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment.

“The new single-player campaign will wrap up the massive story, and we’re excited to share new game modes that will open up different ways to play the game and additional units that will expand the rich strategic depth of StarCraft II multiplayer.”

One new mode that made its début at Blizzcon is Archon mode. In this mode two players control a single army and base, giving them greater ease of control, assuming they’re co-ordinated. Obviously they will fight another Archon duo, so it doesn’t make things much easier…

Allied Commanders is another gameplay mode new to StarCraft II. In this objective-based, cooperative experience, players can team up and take on the roles of powerful commanders from the StarCraft saga. Each commander offers unique abilities and upgrades and bestows special bonuses on their armies. Players are able to battle through a series of special scenarios together, levelling up their commanders’ capabilities as they progress.

In terms of multiplayer, Zerg swarms will welcome the return of the Lurker, the Protoss field a new weapon called the Disruptor, and the Terrans have engineered some new technology, such as Tactical Jump, which allows their Battlecruisers to teleport to any location on the battlefield.

Not only this but changes are being made to the very flow of the game. For example, matches will start with a base full of workers, with the intent to reduce the amount of busywork at the beginning of engagements.

For more information, visit the official StarCraft II Website.