Hearthstone Murder at castle Nathria detailed and dated

by on June 28, 2022

The beloved card game, Hearthstone, is getting all new content in that it’s expanding with the new “Murder at castle Nathria”. Players of this long standing franchise are awaiting to see what’s in store on August 2nd.

The mystery continues with the death of Sire Denathrius, you will need your hats on because Castle Nathria introduces 135 new cards, including legendaries. Never before seen types of card are going to be introduced- locations. They’re temporary just like your minions, but they provide useful buffs instead.

“Anima, the soul currency of the Shadowlands, is here to Infuse your gameplay”. Cards like this with this keyword will drink the lost anima when a minion dies and turn into a more improved version of themselves. You should hold onto these cards until you find them fully infused, you’ll see a masterful new artwork on the card.

Make sure to check out the new legendaries. Added is a minion for every class, so you won’t run out of combinations to rattle your opponent! When you login you’ll be awarded the neutral legendary “Prince Renathal”  who will award your hero 10 health and 10 cards.

Overall, the new expansion will make sure to keep you busy and surely create some mystery to Hearthstone– Who killed Sire Denathrius?