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Eight Tips to Get You Started in Splatoon

by on June 1, 2015

Splatoon is out now, and all over the world squids are splatting each other silly. So, to help you get off the ground, here are my eight tips for starting your life as a squid.

1. Turn the motion controls off

If everyone was on an even footing, then leaving motion controls on would be fine, but the thing is, it’s just not suitable for a competitive shooter. Turn those motion controls off by going to ‘Options’ and then changing ‘On’ to ‘Off’. Job done.

2. Floors first, Squid second

It should go without saying that your top priority in every game should be to put your ink down as much as is humanly possible. The more area you cover the more points you’ll have at the end of the game, regardless of if you win or lose. If you win, then 300 extra points are yours. Splatting someone will cover a large area with your teams colour, but the points aren’t too different from just putting your colour down.

Splatoon battle

3. Find the best gun for you

We all have our own style of play. Some people swear by the ink rollers, but while they cover a lot of ground with ink they’re terrible ranged weapons. Charged weapons benefit those who are fast on the aim and slow weapons reward those with steady trigger fingers. For me though the Aerospray MG is the Don. Great rate of fire and decent range, and the seekers are an excellent sub weapon.

4. Learn the maps

Many matches can turn really quickly, with a multi-splat on your team putting on you on the back foot in the blink of an eye. If you find the middle being held too well by the opposing team, make sure you are familiar with other routes around the outsides, if you know your way around you can surprise your opponents and turn the tide back in your favour.

5. Play the story mode

Beating bosses in the story mode will unlock new weapons at the weapon store (like the Aerospray MG mentioned earlier), while beating the final boss will give you two new sets of clothing with each piece having two sub perks to open up. It’s well worth it.

6. Check the shops regularly

Their stock changes every day, so check them often, and get yourself multi-perk items as soon as you can and get them levelled up. Managing what perks you have and mixing them to find the combination that suits you will help you with all your splatting needs.

Splatoon Athletic

7. Visit Spike

In the alley of Inkopolis you’ll find Spike. Like the shops he won’t help you until you hit freshness level four, but once he does he is very handy. When he likes you he will allow you to order items from the other people mooching around Inkopolis. Look at someone, if they have an item you like (that the shops will sell), he will procure it for you, albeit with different perks, but the same number of perk slots.

8. Be patient

Hitting level ten will open up ranked play, and obviously that will take quite some time. Higher levels will require more points to open and even at level ten they’re pretty steep, with the lack of variety in multi-player not making this grind any easier. Higher levels open up better weapons at the shop too, so you will need a lot of patience. Not to mention that the secondary perks on clothing require a silly amount of points to unlock. So, yeah, patience, patience, patience.

Splatoon is easy enough to get into without having to think too hard. But keep these things in mind and you’ll be gaining more points than you know what to do with.

Addendum: Don’t drink and Splatoon.