Tom Holland Announced as New Spider-Man

by on June 23, 2015

British actor Tom Holland (The Impossible) has beaten competition from Asap Butterfield and Logan Leman to be cast as the legendary web-slinger in Marvel’s new take on Spider-Man.

Holland’s version of Peter Parker will be entering into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, after a lengthy battle to wrest the character rights back from Sony.

It’s good news for Marvel fans, but still leaves some a little sore over the forced departure of Andrew Garfield, who was particularly popular with movie-goers. Jon Watts (Cop Car) is directing, while production is being headed up by the team behind Tobey Maguire’s debut 13 years ago.

It’s still rumoured that Spider will first appear in Captain America: Civil War next year. The casting confirmation coming now, with shooting on Civil War only having recently begun, suggests the rumours may have some credence.