Check out Destiny: The Musical

by on July 20, 2015

Back in 2013, Colm (deceased – not really) made the video you see below. It was a daft idea that he came up with as a small skit for our (then) weekly news show, The Dirtsheet – and nobody watched it.

I loved it, and honestly thought more people would enjoy it. In 2014, we tried again, so we put out sporadic videos called “Open Mic Night”, where Colm would cover a known song with new lyrics relating to video games, like this one about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Now, you may not know this, but my first love is music – even ahead of games. I used to play and sing in a band, and have never really stopped. I always wanted to get more involved with these songs, but for one reason or another, didn’t. Now, fast forward, and what I believe is the culmination of the original 2013 idea has finally been squeezed out of my leaking brain into what can only be described as “a man’s sanity unraveling into song”.

This is Destiny: The Musical.

The idea was simple: create an original song and put it out there. So why are we telling you about this today? We want to do more of this, we want to be silly and make more songs. We want to follow our ideas and create stupid stuff.

So we’re starting a Patreon.

We get told a lot that we’re loved, and while we hate to beg, well, the industry is changing at a rapid rate, and we want to not only keep up, but carry on with the level we’ve always adhered to.

For example, Destiny: The Musical – it’s supposed to be a video, but our video producer has recently left, and we need to replace him. That costs money, which we don’t have.

We don’t want anyone to break the bank for us, but we know we have an audience (we see the figures!) and we aim to offer something in return. Click the link, read about the Patreon, and donate what you can. Or don’t – we’ll still love you, and we’ll still be here.

But that’s another article entirely, this… well, this is Destiny: The Musical, featuring our very own Richard “Revatar” Simpson on rap duties. Enjoy.

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