Tomodachi Life Friendship Fiesta Taking Place From July 30 to August 9

by on July 20, 2015

Nintendo is inviting all 3DS owners to join in a week of festivities as they celebrate Tomodachi Life Friendship Fiesta, which starts July 30 and ends on August 9.

International StreetPass relay lets players meet Mii characters from all over Europe via dedicated hotspots while the fiesta lasts. For Tomodachi Life players this provides an opportunity to receive plenty of new explorers and buy unique Export Items from faraway islands into their game, whilst sending your own explorers on a voyage of their own. The game will also be discounted by 30% on the Nintendo eShop during the fiesta.

Anyone with a 3DS system can participate, and Nintendo have detailed all the promotions happening over the week.

·  Go to a Nintendo Zone (GAME stores in the UK) to receive a free download code for the Tomodachi Speech Bubble HOME menu theme for your 3DS..

·  A dedicated Puzzle Swap panel will be distributed via SpotPass to all owners of a Nintendo 3DS family system.

·  Enjoy international StreetPass relay and meet Mii characters from all over Europe at any Nintendo Zone offering StreetPass relay.

·  Nintendo UK will also be launching a brand new Tomodachi Life Facebook page so be sure to stayed tuned for updates and visit the Tomodachi Life Community on Miiverse for more details and activities.

·  You can get a 30% discount on the regular price of the game if you buy it on Nintendo eShop.

·  As always Nintendo fan communities around the UK will be hosting events during the Tomodachi Life Friendship Fiesta. These events are the perfect place to trade with fellow players to find those elusive items, or trade Miis to fill your Tomodachi Life island with all new friends and stories! Visit our unofficial page http://streetpassuk.co.uk/upcoming-events/ to find a community event near you.

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