TI5 All Star Match Is Literally Better Than TI4 Finals

by on August 7, 2015

What a day. First off we had MVP.Phoenix take on ViCi in the lower bracket where the loser of the BO3 would head home. Unfortunately ViCi 2-0’d MVP resulting in the latter heading home with around $800,000.

Next up was the match between the two remaining European teams in the form of Virtus.Pro vs Team Secret. Many had this down as a easy win for Secret, especially after they won game one. But two games from VP that featured Lina, Earthshaker, Storm and Visage with Silencer filling in during the 2nd game of the bo3 and Drow taking his place in the 3rd were too much for Secret as the super team dropped out with $800,000.

The final competitive match of the day was ViCi taking on fellow Chinese team EHOME. The latter were somewhat destroyed by ViCi who now take a guaranteed top 4 finish.

The final action of the day was the All Star match that saw Team N0Tail go up against Team ChauN. The announcement of Pit Lord was apparently meant to happen but didn’t due to bugs but we did get to see the first taste of 10vs10 Dota, with members of the crowd (and a Pudge) taking the remaining spots. That match itself was incredibly close, and quite possibly the best match of TI5 so far. It is 100% worth a watch.

Oh and 2GD’s Twitch Chat Reporter continues to be comedy gold.