Konami Release TGS 2015 Metal Gear Online Presentation

by on September 17, 2015

For those of you keen to see what Metal Gear Online has to offer, Konami has now released its presentation from the Tokyo Game Show 2015 and it looks absolutely stunning, giving you new information on classes, mission types, abilities and equipment.

The in-depth video showcases a big chunk of the ‘Bounty Hunter’ game mode, where teams of eight battle to eliminate as many players as possible. The versatility of gameplay on show is staggering and the grandeur of it is overwhelming in the best kind of way. Metal Gear Solid V has already received a massive amount of praise, and MGO looks like it will help make the title 2015’s game of the year..

The three classes are outlined as well (infiltrator, enforcer and scout), letting you know what each one embodies and shows you them in action. It is also worth noting that the character that you created at the start of MGS V’s main campaign will act as your avatar for the multiplayer, just in case you thought that that whole segment felt a little redundant at the time.

Metal Gear Online is free to those of you that have purchased Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and will be available as an update on October 6.

You can watch the awe-inspiring trailer for Metal Gear Solid Online below: